- Dagger - Use able races: Every race.

- 1 Hand Sword - Use able races: Every race.

- 1 Handed Axe - Use able races: Human, Giants.

- 1 Handed Mace - Use able races: Human, Elf, Giants.

- 2 Hand Sword - Use able races: Giants

- Wand - Use able races: Elf, Dark-Elf.

- Staff - Use able races: Elf, Dark-Elf.

- Bow - Use able races: Half-Elf.

- Crossbow - Use able races: Half-Elf.

- Katar - Use able races: Dhan.

- Polearms - Use able races: Giants

- Zhen - Use able races: Dekan.

Attack SpeedEdit

Weapons have specific ways of handling therefore they attack at different speeds. This determines the DPS (damage per second) and overall performance in battle. Some weapons have slower attack speed, but give a greater ammount of damage to a target. In other cases while seemingly weaker weapons hit a target subsequently they can be worth more in a battle that a much slower weapon with greater stats and damage depending on the situation and the character's playstyle.

Here is the in-game chart of the basic attack speed of the weapons:

Weapon Speed Speed Stat
Dagger Very Fast 700
Sword Fast 900
Dual Sword Fast 900
Axe Medium 1300
Mace Fast 900
Wand Slow 2000
Staff Very Slow 2500
Bow Fast 100
Crossbow Slow 1300
Katar Very Fast 700
Polearms Slow 1800
Zhen Medium 1300