The World of ROHAN Craut(Ohn) was created by a higher god. Craut delegated to lower gods 5 (Loha/Roha, Geil/Gail, Marea, Silva and Flox) managing what is happening on the ground. 5 races were created by them. The Giants, living on the land of snow Dorart(Draht(. And whose role is to protect the continent. Humans born to the blessing of wisdom Loha. The Dark Elves, created by Flox, specializing in the magic of fire. Elves, created by Marea. The Halflings, living on the island of Eskar/Ezker and Gaizan/Geizan region. Meanwhile Craut created a race of dragons, Dekans, using its vital energy. It also created the race of Dhans.

First hitch in this idyll, the king of the human race was killed by an assassin Dhan. Despite this crime, peace reigned in this world was maintained. But other signs announcing an era of darkness began to manifest itself. The God above disappeared. The pantheon of gods lower then decided to eliminate race Dragons, Dekans, hoping that this would be enough to resurrect the god above. Already weakened by 10 years of war with Dhans, many of those who remained were massacred by the pantheon. Despite this genocide, the pantheon was forced to note that this is not sufficient to bring Craut. They then decided to remove all races of this world. Plants and animals will be changed into a monster. And began to address the representatives of 5 races.

Thus was born chaos forced a coalition between each race. Fruit of the union of Humans and Elves, a new breed emerged: Half Elves. Rejected by their brood, they were forced into exile and set up their own homeland in the forest. The time for war had come. And every race would have to fight for survival facing the terrible plan to exterminate entire pantheon.

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Omen of Great Chaos - The Main God Disappears.Edit

Ohn, having created the world, entrusted it to the five lower gods who created races respectively and allowed them to thrive. The first five races to be created--Humans, Giants, Elves, Halflings, and Dark Elves--developed land conferred upon them by the gods with the knowledge and skills acquired from the divinities. Ohn created dragons to station at the borders of each territory, and prevented cultures from blending with each race maintaining autonomous cultures.

Soon thereafter, a serious incident unfolded in the Human kingdom. Kraute Del Lagos usurped the throne upon assassinating the reigning king, his reprobate older brother. Kraute's 13-year reign drew to a close after the late son ousted him with a military subversion.

The prophet Haillok, an assistant to Kraute, left Human territory with a number of Humans, and headed to Bahran Island in northern Rohan Continent. They were the forefathers of the Dhan race.

Thereafter, peace ensued for a time. All races erected countries and constructed capitals perpetuating growth. In the Human kingdom, the Paladin system was institutionalized rooted in devout faith, and Giants cultivated warriors to protect their motherland from harsh nature. Elves trained in magic healing and spearheaded cultural development, and Halflings opened the path to cohabitation by living among animals. Dark Elves maximized magic power as a means of self-defense. Perfecting such autonomous cultures respectively, each race would ostensibly exist in quietude.

One Privy to the Truth - Turns Sword at the Gods.Edit

With the dragons gone from obstructing territorial borders, the Human kingdom led an exploration and investigation of foreign territories. Human envoys visited the capital of every race, and interracial diplomacy with Humans as principals was launched. In the interim, Dekans, having settled in Bahran island and amassed power, encountered Dhans who'd settled in the island earlier. Upon the unanticipated encounter, the two races clashed escalating to all-out war terminating with an armistice only after a decade of profound destruction.

Having realized main god Ohn cannot be resurrected by merely obliterate the dragons, the five lower gods decide to annihilate all races on the continent and implement their intent. While countless animals and plants metamorphosed into monsters, fairies and a number of races, acting on the gods' orders, began to wage attack on the major continental races. Even in the midst of such turmoil interracial diplomacy continued and between Humans and Elves, two races who grew relatively close, the mixed-race Half Elves were born. Half Elves, who were looked askance at by both Humans and Elves ultimately were unable to dwell in either country. Instead, they sought a quiet refuge by constructing an independent village located between the two nations. Harboring profound animosity against both Humans and Elves, they cultivated their power with an independent character not relying on anyone.

In the meantime, paladins standing guard at Gratt Fortress, built to deter attacks, had a chance to encounter Roha, the god of the Human race. Having learned the intent of the gods to annihilate all races, paladins pleaded to Roha to retract the decision, but were possessed by Roha instead. Edwin, a paladin able to resist possession, roamed the continent, assembled colleagues and mounted resistance against the gods to no avail.

Jealousy and Wrath - Darkness Shrouds the Edit

Their failure, unforgotten, began to propagate among the masses along with the truth. The rumor reached far and wide by way of hushed whispers. The gods have abandoned the world. The gods have turned their backs on all races. The gods are trying to obliterate life as we know it. Fear grew pervasive and ultimately, suspicion and wrath latent in the hearts of all organisms surfaced throwing the world into deeper turmoil.Beholding the world growing increasingly murky, Elf Queen Sila Mayor Regenon dispatched urgent messengers to all races to propose a round of peace talks.However, only Humans and Halflings appeared at the roundtable."

Dark Elves, vexed by the passive and weak temperament of the Elves, and Giants, chafed by preeminent Human prowess, brokered a clandestine alliance to drive Humans and Elves out of the continent. With only three nations, Elves, Humans and Halflings having entered into peace accords, the Giants' premier extends a hand to Half Elves who've been maintaining a neutral stance. In the interim, Dhans and Dekans, on standby upon declaring a truce, kept each other in check while observing continental maneuvers. But with the continental atmosphere escalating to impending warfare, and monsters emerging on Bahran Island, the two races were forced into cooperation.

With time passing, the world grew bogged deeper in a murky inferno, and all races unwittingly engaged in strife against all other races.To those who have not abandoned hope on the gods, those prepared to fight albeit waiting for a change of heart on the gods' end, and to the ones willing to fight as long as survival was ensured, the advent of an era of misery and darkness was dawning.

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