PvP Honor SystemEdit


In this system, players receive "honor points" in PvP, among other things.

If the PKer is over 10 levels higher than the person, then the victim will not lose any experience, and the PKer will not be recorded on their "Killed By" List. However, anyone below their level will be recorded on the "Killed By" List and Honor PvP items will be shared with them. When someone is recorded on that list, the person who was killed will have the change to use the "Vengeance" system. They can choose to bring along a party to kill their PKer, and if they succeed, then that name will be wiped off the "Killed By" list and PvP Honor items will no longer be shared. In the same way, if you kill someone below 10 levels from you, then his name will not be recorded on your "Killed" list.

Rank indicates the total number of points you have acquired from PvP, Hunt, and Connection. You receive 1 point for every 30 minutes online. For PvP, you receive 6 points (needs to be checked) for every person you kill that isn't on your "Killed" list, and is within 10 levels of you. The Rank level can increase from 1 to 10, and the higher the level, the higher the chance that you will receive the PvP Honor items of those that you kill.

Dropping items in PvP follows these rules:

When killed by a player and you have a white name, you will not drop any items.

When killed by a player and you have a pink name, you can drop inventory items.

When killed by a player and you are a murderer, you can drop inventory and equipped items.

When killed by a player and you are in assassination mode, you can drop inventory and equipped items.

Possibles indicates the number of people you can kill before you reach murderer mode. You receive 1 possible for every hour of playing. Once your possibles reach 0, you will become a murderer. Your name will become red, you will be attacked by patrols, and you have a chance of dropping your inventory and equipped items. This lasts for 10 hours, but if you kill someone within those 10 hours, the timer starts all over again.

To check the Honor Rankings, just go to the NPC Chris Jean located in the Crafting Studio (near the gatekeeper).


PK: Player kill.

RPK: Random player kill.

KoS: Kill on sight. PvP: Player v player. Players can pvp after they reach level 30.