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News - Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 Edit

New Dungeon Added --- Fire Temple Garden!

Written by RedRyder

Today we added a new dungeon to the land of Rohan. The Fire Temple Garden is now open and awaits your visit, if you dare... The Fire Temple Garden is no cake walk. If you're not at least level 80, don't even think about entering!

You may enter the dungeon through the portal at Amethyst Crater. The Fire Temple Garden is divided into four areas: 1. The Blazing Temple 2. The Ring of Flames 3. The Lamp of Flames 4. Kasa’s Tower

Each area has new quests for only the boldest adventurers to take on. Special "entrance quests" must be completed in order to enter each area, beginning with The Blazing Temple.

News - Monday, January 12th, 2009 Edit

New Desktop Wallpaper Calendar Available

Written by RedRyder

Beginning this month, we will be posting a monthly calendar for your desktop that you can download for free! Now you'll always know what day it is (hopefully). And, the calendar has all the special events that we have planned for the month pre-printed on it, so you'll always know what's coming up in the world of Rohan: Blood Feud.

News - Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 Edit

25 New Quests Added

Written by RedRyder

With the addition of the 5th level of the Rahkon Dungeon, 25 new quests have been added to the game. These quests are designed for players of level 60-88.

News - Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 Edit

5th Level of Rahkon Dungeon Added

Written by RedRyder

An adventuring party of Half Elves has discovered another level to the mystical Rahkon Dungeon! Led there by an orb (the Half Elves shroud the details of this orb in secrecy), a brave group of adventurers successfully accomplished the 4 Treacherous Tasks given to them by the ghostly apparition of Silva, the Goddess of Wind.

Celia (Goddess of Emptiness), Syrephis (Goddess of Despair), and Shuriel (Goddess of Dazzlement) are all triadic transformations of Silva. These Goddesses await you in the deepest corners of Rahkon, the Celestial Castle, which is now open for you thanks to the Half Elves. Take on a host of new quests, battling fierce new monsters and gaining new treasures along the way. Complete them, and you’ll earn the right to come face to face with Silva herself.

During your quests, you will confront very powerful monsters with highly evolved skills that are resistant to many of your common attacks (Stun, Area Attacks, Vitality Absorption, etc.). Train and prepare wisely, lest you become another addition to the Collection of Skulls. Think you can collect the necessary items to unseal the sacred treasure chest? Bring your best, and make sure you are at least level 80. This is not a walk in Lychthangea Park, this is RAHKON.