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Offspring of Human and Elf, these forest-dwellers are masters of ranged combat. Be it bow and arrow or mechanical crossbow, their proficiency is unmatched. The Archer role is their dominion and with the use of AoE spells or combos they can be devastating crowd control or assassins.

Archer - Every HalfElf starts as an Archer with minor ranged attacks and spells before specializing into one of their 2 jobs. Some of the basic debuff spells and stun/roots can be found while progressing on this skill tree.

Ranger - Well versed on the crossbow, Rangers dominate their opponents with swift and precise attacks. Its long ranged attacks and combo spells can drop even the most skilled tank in the game in acouple of seconds their mobility aura is great for moving entire parties to different location give certain mobility advantage against some opponents or provide a means to assassinate and run away from the location as fast as possible leaving a bloody mess.

Scout - Masters of multi-targeting with their bows and magic, they often choose to fight all enemies at once rather than one at a time. With the use of the Bow as their main weapon of choice they deal fast All around attacks to enemies close to them as a damage dealer is the perfect Hunter but with a lack of defense it can back fire them if not well played.

Half Elf - Archer Base Stats Edit


From levels 2 - 49 you'll gain 4 AAP (Additional Attribute Points) per level up that can be used to increase your characters different stats, at levels 51 - 70 you'll gain 6 AAP per level, at levels 71-100 you'll gain 8 AAP per level and at levels 101-115+50 you'll gain 10 AAP per level.

The Half Elves's main stats are:

  • Dexterity: Increases Ranged Attack, and Accuracy, with Fatal buff increases your Critical damage.
  • Vitality: Increases Health points, Health Recovery, Physical Defense, Weight.
  • Agility(Optional): Gives Evasion and the only skill that actualy boosts anything from this stat is Evade on the Archer tree.

Half Elf GearEdit

The Half Elves use crossbows and bows for long range attacks. Crossbows deal great damage, but each shot is slower to hit. The bow hits low damage continuously. Half Elves are good at PvE, and also PvP

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