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The Mysterious Dark Elven Mages employ strong magical powers to weaken and dispatch their enemies. They also have transportation powers. Great at all around PvP roles both as Support/Crowd Control or as main Spell DPS combination of this roles is possible with skill knowledge and player skill.

Mage - First role of the DarkElfs before specialising their abilities is being a mage. As any other mage class from other games this role specializes in AoE spells and some control skills. Self teleportation and or party skill is possible in this skill tree.

Warlock - Thrives in group battles, they seemingly are able to weaken opponents before the fight even starts. Their main status is Intelligence. This is the main PvP job of the DarkElfs destructive magic and weakening spells can drop even the most experienced player without the right support. Beware of Warlocks potent magic attacks.

Wizard - Expert hunters, they employ powerful area spells to fight off multiple opponents simultaneously. Great PvE class if you as a player need one for farming or just for fun. Specializes as a Supporter or Crowd Control in PvP situations. Not as powerful as the Warlock but can be devastating as it if played skillfully and expertise.


Dark Elves are cultured, but their aristocratic disposition and implicit disdaining appearance cause tension with other races. Most Dark Elves spent long years in conspiracy and secret strife in concealing massive magic energy, but are now ready to utilize these powers to their advantage. However, their true intentions are gradually surfacing from their secret alliance with Giants, in a conspiracy to keep a strong grasp on Human and Elf powers.

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Wizard Psyche BuildEdit

Adapted from [Endi's Psyche Wizard]


The psyche build is the most common of Wizard builds, as most of the wizard skill tree is based on psyche, including their damage drop shield. They have a range of area of effect attacks that allow them to deal a moderate amount of damage to a large number of monsters, making them ideal for 'grinding' at high density places such as Rahkon. Wizards are therefore often a welcome addition to parties aiming to level. However, they only deal moderate damage to single targets, and are therefore weaker in the PvP aspects. Some of their debuff and party skills are great for Township Battle situations, or for PvP between parties; however, they are more suited to supporting their team in pking, rather than actively pking themselves.


Go full Psyche if you have decent gear to grind or a combination of 1 Vitality per level to compensate for the lack of physical defense. Your best grinding spots are where magic mobs are because of your high magic defense and resistance but beware of their level the higher a magic mob is the harder it hits. Once you change job to Wizard and gain your glorious Psyche Shield you can change to full Psyche and in combination with the Staff Mastery that adds a percent of your Psyche as magic attack deal even higher damage.

Main SkillsEdit

The most notable one of the skills is the psyche shield, which reduces the damage received by the wizard by a certain percentage of the psyche.

  • Ring burst - this AoE attack should be upgraded to level 6 as the cooldown time decreases considerably, which makes an enormous difference in the damage dealt overall.
  • Magical Piercing - A psyche based AoE that has slightly higher damage than Ring Burst, but a much slower cooldown.
  • Group Mortal Immune - this negates all damage from critical attacks for a short time. As wizards will often be leveling on monsters of a higher level that hit critically more often, this skill is very useful; especially when coupled with 'Killing Time' which would help hasten the slow cooldown time. Party buff effect if you're in a party.
  • Area Spell - Removes a special buff from the opponents in the area selected. Regarded by many Party PvP players as being indispensable if you enjoy Township Battles and such.

Intelligence WizardsEdit

Due to the changes to skills done by Korea Rohan this build is officially extinct now that Staff Mastery gives Pure Magic attack based of your Psyche which is your main stat and your Psyche shield uses to drop damage received.

Wizard Vitality Build Edit

The only reason to make a Wizard full Vitality is to make it as immortal as possible. Because of Reraise, Eternal Darkness Taming Mind, Frozen Ice, Area Spell, Strike Bash and Weakness this masters of Crowd Control are very needed in Township Battles and massive Group PvP. They are no Damage dealers just annoying debuffers and combo breakers that for some players are super fun.


Warlocks, the PvP version of mages after lvl 50, stats: 3 int 1 vitality or full int "before 50" , 5int 1 vit or full int "after 50" . Warlocks do devastating damage to targets, but they cannot spam aoes (area of effect damage) like wizards, so they are preferred at 1 vs 1 or known as (PvP). The warlock can weaken the target before and during the battle, that is along with the damage they do according to various skills they use, but though they do high damage, they are known to be squishy, that is because their shield effect to reduce damage is not a long lasting buff as the wizard's shield, but if the warlocks are played well <right skills and combos at right time> , their "preys" will be useless in front of them. warlocks can combine various skills together to form devastating combos, like for example < Pollution Mind + Broken Treasure + Are Toxic Potion> this is known as the best DOT ( damage over time) combo effect. In general , warlocks are fun to play but if played right and are a little expensive to be very godly.

Important noticeable skills:

  • Magic Mirror: reflects 3 attack hits and effects ( i.e stuns, roots, remove buffs skills, etc.....)
  • Break Ability: prevents the opponent from using disorient skills ( i.e paralyzing skills, other warlocks' effects)
  • Prevent Pet: the most beautiful skill to use, specially vs molly pet ^_^ ( this skill prevents pet effects, like critical hit chances, healing effects, and other pet effects)
  • Snatch: absorb one random buff from your target, useful against an opponent that casted a immunity skill or burst damage temporary skill.
  • Level Drop: drops the level of the target's skills, useful against some races of high burst skill damage.
  • Fake Death: very useful skill against some races that use skills to fasten their attacks and damage ( like humans and archers), this skill allows the warlock to be invincible for some seconds but not immune to other warlocks Tick damage Spells or Wizards AoE sleep spells.

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Refer to Dark Elf Solo Quest

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