Gathering SystemEdit

Collection & CraftingEdit

Supply gathering in Rohan is interconnected with the Crafting System. A character can have only 1 collection jobs, but he/she can change collection jobs at a fairly high cost (losing all of the current skill aquired). There are only 3 Gathering Jobs, that suppy the 4 different crafting jobs with their main ingredients (as follows)

Collection Used For Crafting
Minerals Armor / Weapons
Gems Accessories
Plants Magic Tools

Supply VariationsEdit

Each of the 3 Collection jobs has 5 common, 1 rare, and 1 special resourse (acquired by proccessing 5 of the rare resources) at the appropriate resource processor in Crafting Studio.

Gathering Common Common Common Common Common Rare Special
Minerals Atrium Cadmium Cronium Panadium Sedrium Astatine Stronium
Gems Aquamarine Cat's Eye Green Mano Spinel Imperial Topaz Sapphire Diamond
Plants Coiled Flower Fist Flower Silk Tree Silver Tree Thornbush Passion Seed Creator's Fruit

Processing ResourcesEdit

Each of the 5 common resource types can be processed (as long as they can be divided into batches of 10). These processed materials are used for the actual crafting of items. Rare supply can undergo only 1 process (as long as they can be divided into batches o1 1121215) into the Special resource.

Supply Material
Minerals Mineral Ingot
Gems Gem Essense
Plant Plant Solution

Processors are located in Crafting Studio: Lond (Mineral), Laking (Gems) & Biwoo (Plants).

Processing gathered resources requires a certain ammount of catalyst items (melting stone, etc.) that can be bought from NPC merchants in the Studio.

Gathering EquipmentEdit

Like Crafting, collection involves special equipment too. (You cannot gather unless fully equipped).

  • Helmet - Indicates resources on minimap within a certain range (higher the collection skill - wider the range).
  • Gloves - Decrease collection time (higher the collection skill - the faster you collect).
  • Mallet/Sickle/Pickaxe - Increase collection experience.
  • Tunic/Boots - give a higher chance or gathering additional or/and rare supply.

These can be bought from the NPC merchants (check Crafting article for locations) and from the Item Mall.